10 Best Jasmine Tea Brands to Elevate Your Tea Time Experience

Exploring top jasmine tea brands elevates your tea time. Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl offers hand-rolled pearls infused with jasmine. Ito En Jasmine Green Tea provides a natural caffeine boost. FGO Organic Jasmine Green Tea is fragrant and eco-conscious. Sunflower Jasmine Tea has a strong aroma and can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea is conveniently bagged with a premium jasmine scent. Teas Tea Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea is antioxidant-rich. Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea is a delightful blend sourced from Fair Trade gardens. Bigelow Tea Jasmine Green Tea boasts antioxidant power. Yamamotoyama Jasmine Tea delivers a pleasant flavor. Explore these for a luxurious tea time experience.

Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea, 20 Count(Pack of 1)

Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea, 20 Count(Pack of 1)
  • Beautiful little hand-rolled pearls are gently infused with the floral essences from jasmine flowers

For those seeking a luxurious tea experience, Harney & Sons Dragon Pearl Jasmine Tea is the perfect choice for elevating your tea time. This exquisite tea features beautifully hand-rolled pearls infused with delicate jasmine flowers, creating a light-colored brew with enchanting floral and sweet aromas.

Each tin contains 20 tea sachets, ensuring a convenient and consistent brewing experience. Certified Kosher and containing caffeine, this tea from Fuan, China, is a masterpiece known for its exceptional quality.

When brewed at 175F for 4-5 minutes, this tea delivers a rich and fragrant taste that will captivate strong floral tea lovers. With Harney & Sons' commitment to quality and sustainability, indulging in this tea isn't only a treat for the senses but also a conscious choice that supports environmental causes.

Best For: Those who appreciate a luxurious tea experience with strong floral and sweet aromas.


  • Fragrant and luxurious tea with exquisite floral notes
  • Convenient and consistent brewing experience with 20 tea sachets per tin
  • Certified Kosher and containing caffeine for a delightful tea indulgence


  • Some customers may find the price slightly expensive


Ito En Jasmine Green Tea Unsweetened (Pack of 12)

Ito En Jasmine Green Tea Unsweetened , 0 Calories , 16.9 Fluid Ounce (Pack of 12)
  • JASMINE GREEN TEA: A deliciously fragrant bend of premium green tea with delicate jasmine blossoms picked at the peak of their fragrance. Naturally caffeinated with approximately 60 mg per bottle.

Indulge in the pure essence of jasmine flowers and whole green tea leaves with Ito En Jasmine Green Tea Unsweetened, a revitalizing and antioxidant-rich option for tea enthusiasts. This unsweetened tea, with 0 calories per 16.9 fluid ounce bottle, is created by Ito En, Japan's renowned tea purveyor, ensuring top-quality ingredients.

Brimming with antioxidants and approximately 60mg of natural caffeine per bottle, it offers a healthful boost. ITO EN's dedication to sustainability shines through in their collaboration with Japanese farming communities, preserving the art of tea harvesting. With no powders or concentrates used, each bottle maintains the integrity of flavor and health benefits.

Experience the invigorating taste and superior quality of Ito En Jasmine Green Tea, a blend that offers both exquisite taste and wellness in every sip.

Best For: Those seeking a refreshing and antioxidant-rich green tea option with no added sugars or calories.


  • Made from whole green tea leaves and jasmine flowers for a rich and authentic flavor experience.
  • Contains approximately 60mg of natural caffeine per bottle for a healthful energy boost.
  • No powders or concentrates used, ensuring the tea maintains its health benefits and flavor integrity.


  • Unsweetened taste may not be suitable for those who prefer sweeter beverages.


FGO Organic Jasmine Green Tea, 100 Count Tea Bags

FGO Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Eco-Conscious Tea Bags, 100 Count, Packaging May Vary (Pack of 1)
  • JASMINE GREEN TEA BAGS - 100 Tea Bags filled with premium jasmine scented green tea from China

With its fragrant jasmine-scented green tea and eco-conscious packaging, FGO Organic Jasmine Green Tea is an ideal choice for tea enthusiasts seeking a premium organic option.

The 100 premium tea bags are filled with jasmine-scented green tea sourced from China and packed in foil-lined kraft bags in California, utilizing Abacá Hemp Fiber Paper. Certified USDA Organic & Non-GMO, these tea bags are free of dyes, adhesive, glue, and chlorine bleach, ensuring a pure tea-drinking experience.

FGO's eco-friendly approach extends to their 'Love it or we buy it' policy, offering a refund if not satisfied.

This light to medium strength tea with organic Bergamotte oil offers a smooth, fragrant taste with no harsh aftertaste, garnering positive reviews for its taste, freshness, and quality.

Additionally, FGO offers Organic Spearmint Leaf Tea and high-quality Matcha for those looking to explore more organic tea options.

Best For: Tea enthusiasts looking for a premium organic jasmine green tea with eco-conscious packaging.


  • Fragrant jasmine scented green tea from China
  • Certified USDA Organic & Non-GMO
  • Eco-conscious packaging free of dyes, adhesive, glue, and chlorine bleach


  • Light to medium strength may not suit those seeking a stronger tea flavor


Sunflower Jasmine Tea, Original Jasmine Blend, 16 Oz

Sunflower Jasmine Tea, Original Jasmine Blend, 16 Oz
  • Stronger taste than the original Yellow Tin

Indulge in the premium aroma and flavor of Sunflower Jasmine Tea's Original Jasmine Blend, perfect for those seeking a stronger tea experience. This loose leaf tea comes in a blue tin, offering a more robust version of the classic Sunflower Jasmine tea. The strong jasmine aroma sets the stage for a delightful tea-drinking experience.

Customers praise the tightly sealed packaging that keeps the tea fresh. When brewed, this tea yields a golden-brown hue with a subtle jasmine scent, making it a versatile option that can be enjoyed hot, lukewarm, or iced. With its moderate caffeine content, this tea is suitable for any time of day.

For those looking to elevate their tea rituals with a bold jasmine flavor, this Original Jasmine Blend is a top choice.

Best For: Tea enthusiasts who enjoy a strong jasmine aroma and robust flavor in their tea experience.


  • Strong jasmine aroma and flavor for a premium tea experience.
  • Versatile tea that can be enjoyed at different temperatures.
  • Moderate caffeine content suitable for any time of day.


  • May become bitter if brewed with large portions.


Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea with Jasmine, 50 Teabags

Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea with Jasmine, 50 Teabags
  • Delicate green tea leaves, traditionally infused with lusciously sweet floral notes.

For those seeking a gentle yet aromatic tea option, Taylors of Harrogate Green Tea with Jasmine is a top choice among Jasmine Tea Brands for Tea Time. This tea blend contains green tea scented with jasmine, creating a revitalizing brew with sweet floral notes. The premium-grade jasmine flowers infused with green tea leaves make this tea stand out.

The tea bags are designed for convenience, requiring just one bag infused in freshly boiled water for 1-2 minutes. Taylors of Harrogate is known for its quality, being compared favorably to English breakfast teas regarding flavor and strength.

Additionally, the brand holds certifications such as Carbon Neutral Certified, member of the Ethical Tea Partnership, and Rainforest Alliance Certified, ensuring a sustainable and ethical tea choice.

Best For: Those who enjoy a delicate and aromatic tea experience with floral notes.


  • Premium-grade jasmine flowers infused with green tea leaves for a revitalizing brew.
  • Convenient tea bags designed for easy brewing in just 1-2 minutes.
  • Taylors of Harrogate brand known for quality and sustainable certifications.


  • Some customers find the packaging to be less visually appealing.


Chinese Jasmine Green Tea 100 Tea Bags by A2AWorld Green Tea

Chinese Jasmine Green Tea 100 Tea Bags by A2AWorld Green Tea
  • It is selected from superior quality of green tea which is scented with sweet-smelling jasmine flowers in bloom;

Ideal for those seeking a harmonious blend of quality green tea and jasmine essence, the Chinese Jasmine Green Tea 100 Tea Bags by A2AWorld Green Tea offers a delightful tea time experience.

This tea is carefully selected from superior green tea leaves scented with jasmine flowers, resulting in a unique and healthful beverage.

Brewing is simple: just use one teabag per cup, pour in boiling water, let it brew for 3-5 minutes, and remove the teabag before serving.

Customers appreciate the subtle taste and aroma of this tea, finding it invigorating and reasonably priced. It can be enjoyed hot or cold, with some preferring a longer steeping time for a stronger flavor.

The 100-teabag pack provides excellent value for daily tea drinkers.

Best For: Those who enjoy a harmonious blend of quality green tea and jasmine essence in a convenient teabag form.


  • Subtle taste and aroma appreciated by customers.
  • Convenient teabag packaging for easy brewing.
  • Reasonably priced for everyday consumption.


  • Some customers report a lack of flavor and aroma in the tea.


Teas Tea Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea (Pack of 12, 16.9 Ounce)

Teas' Tea Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea 16.9 Ounce (Pack of 12) Organic, Sugar Free, 0 Calories
  • UNSWEETENED TEA: This bottle of iced tea is an light jasmine green tea infused with the soothing fragrance of jasmine flowers - layered with whole leaf green tea creating an elegant blend. Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants, catechins, EGCGs and amino acids

With its delicate blend of jasmine flowers, Teas Tea Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea offers an invigorating and antioxidant-rich choice for tea enthusiasts looking to elevate their tea time experience. This revitalizing green tea isn't only light and fragrant but also packed with essential nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants, catechins, EGCGs, and amino acids.

Produced by ITO EN North America, Teas Tea Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea embodies the rich green tea culture while providing a high antioxidant content for a healthy immune system boost. The absence of artificial sweeteners or additives guarantees a pure and natural taste that has garnered positive feedback from customers.

For jasmine tea lovers seeking a delicious and affordable option, this iced tea version comes highly recommended, making it a perfect alternative to sugary beverages.

Best For: Jasmine tea enthusiasts seeking a light and fragrant green tea with high antioxidant content.


  • Delicate blend of jasmine flowers adds a refreshing twist to traditional green tea
  • Rich in essential nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants, and amino acids
  • No artificial sweeteners or additives, ensuring a pure and natural taste


  • May be too light in flavor for those who prefer stronger teas


Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea, Loose Leaf Green Tea (16 oz Pouch)

Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea, 16 Ounce Pouch, Loose Leaf Floral Green Tea, Brews 200 Cups, Caffeinated (Packaging May Vary)
  • Jasmine Green Tea: Fragrant organic jasmine flowers are laid atop organic green tea leaves as their scent is naturally embraced; This smooth green tea has layers of subtle fragrance and hints of moonlight

Organic Jasmine Green Tea by Numi offers a delightful blend of jasmine flowers and green tea leaves, perfect for those seeking a fragrant and invigorating tea experience. Numi sources its tea from Fair Trade gardens in China, ensuring fair wages for workers and supporting community development projects like school dormitories.

The tea comes in a resealable pouch to maintain freshness, and customers rave about its delicate floral notes and mild jasmine taste. Brewing suggestions include using 2-3 teaspoons per pot and steeping for 2 minutes, with the option to double-brew for a stronger flavor. Users appreciate the full caffeine content that delivers a lovely taste without bitterness.

Overall, customers are satisfied with the value, taste, and quality of Numi Organic Jasmine Green Tea, making it a delightful choice for tea enthusiasts.

Best For: Those who appreciate delicate floral notes and a mild jasmine taste in their green tea.


  • Delightful blend of jasmine flowers and green tea leaves.
  • Sourced from Fair Trade gardens in China, supporting fair wages and community development.
  • Resealable pouch maintains freshness.


  • Some customers mention minor issues with twigs and mint leaves in the tea.


Bigelow Tea Jasmine Green Tea, 20 Count (Pack of 6)

Bigelow Tea Jasmine Green Tea, Caffeinated Tea with Jasmine, 20 Count Box (Pack of 6), 120 Total Tea Bags
  • Aromatic Jasmine Green Tea: 120 Bigelow tea bags of Jasmine Green Tea, a tranquil floral brew of delicate smooth green tea and aromatic jasmine

Indulge in the aromatic and antioxidant-rich Bigelow Tea Jasmine Green Tea, a delightful choice for tea enthusiasts seeking a flavorful and invigorating tea time experience.

This jasmine green tea is individually wrapped to guarantee peak flavor and freshness with each brew. Being gluten-free, calorie-free, and Kosher Certified, it caters to various dietary preferences.

Packaged in the USA, this tea is part of Bigelow Tea, a Certified B Corporation founded in 1945 by Ruth Campbell Bigelow. Known for using hand-picked teas, real spices, flavors, and herbs, Bigelow Tea seals its tea bags in protective packets to preserve freshness.

Reviews highlight the positive aspects of taste, aroma, and quality, making it a popular choice among customers looking for a revitalizing and healthy tea option.

Best For: Tea enthusiasts looking for a flavorful and invigorating tea experience.


  • Aromatic jasmine green tea with antioxidant power.
  • Individually wrapped for peak flavor and freshness.
  • Gluten-free, calorie-free, and Kosher Certified.


  • Some issues with tea bags breaking.


Yamamotoyama – Jasmine Tea 16 bags

Yamamotoyama - Jasmine Tea 16 bags
  • Jasmine tea is a blend of fine souchong tea and fragrant Jasmine blossoms

For those seeking a fragrant and flavorful tea experience, Yamamotoyama – Jasmine Tea 16 bags offers a delightful blend of souchong tea and Jasmine blossoms in convenient individually sealed tea bags. This tea has garnered praise for its pleasant flavor and aroma, with customers highlighting the convenience of the individually sealed bags.

While some enjoy it hot, others find it delicious both hot and cold. As someone who appreciates a daily cup of Jasmine tea, the memories and experiences associated with this ancient beverage are truly special. Yamamotoyama's Jasmine Tea has satisfied many customers, with recommendations emphasizing its floral and delicious flavor.

Whether you're a long-time fan of Jasmine tea or looking to try it for the first time, this blend is worth exploring for its taste, quality, and aromatic delight.

Best For: Those who enjoy a floral and fragrant tea experience that can be enjoyed hot or cold.


  • Convenient individually sealed tea bags for easy brewing.
  • Pleasant flavor and aroma praised by customers.
  • Suitable for daily consumption to enjoy the taste experience.


  • Some customers may find the jasmine flavor lacking.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Jasmine Tea

When selecting jasmine tea, it's crucial to contemplate elements such as:

  • Tea quality
  • Brewing guidelines
  • Health advantages
  • Flavor profiles
  • Packaging sustainability

These components play a vital role in shaping the overall tea-drinking experience, from the taste to the environmental impact. By thoroughly evaluating these aspects, one can make an informed choice that resonates with their preferences and values.

Tea Quality Factors

Taking into account key factors such as tea leaf grade, freshness of jasmine flowers, and blending process is vital when selecting high-quality jasmine tea. The tea leaf grade indicates the quality and flavor complexity, while fresh jasmine flowers impart a delicate aroma.

A well-executed blending process guarantees a harmonious balance between the green tea base and the jasmine fragrance. The origin, harvesting methods, and processing techniques of the tea leaves and jasmine flowers greatly influence the final product's quality.

Proper storage in airtight containers preserves the aromatic profile of jasmine tea. Additionally, brewing techniques like water temperature and steeping time play an important role in revealing the full flavor potential of jasmine tea.

Brewing Instructions Importance

When selecting a jasmine tea, it's essential to prioritize accurate brewing guidelines to bring out the finest flavors and aromas. Proper brewing instructions play a significant role in extracting the best essence of jasmine tea. Factors such as brewing temperature and steeping time are necessary for a balanced and delightful tea experience.

Brewing jasmine tea at temperatures between 175-180°F helps prevent scorching the delicate leaves, preserving the tea's delicate flavor profile. Steeping the tea for 3-5 minutes allows the floral notes to develop fully without overpowering the palate. Following the recommended brewing instructions guarantees that you enjoy a harmonious cup of jasmine tea, free from bitterness or weak flavor profiles.

Health Benefits Overview

Choosing jasmine tea involves considering its various health benefits, which can positively impact overall well-being and liveliness. Jasmine tea is packed with antioxidants that combat free radicals, supporting overall health.

Its soothing aroma is believed to reduce stress levels and promote relaxation. Additionally, jasmine tea aids in digestion, alleviating issues like bloating and indigestion.

For those looking to manage weight, jasmine tea can help by boosting metabolism and aiding in fat oxidation. Furthermore, the properties in jasmine tea contribute to improved skin health, fighting inflammation and promoting a healthy complexion.

These health benefits make jasmine tea a great choice for those seeking a delicious beverage that also supports their wellness goals.

Flavor Profile Considerations

Delving into the world of jasmine tea reveals a multitude of flavor profiles that originate from the gentle infusion of jasmine blossoms with the tea leaves. The delicate and floral taste of jasmine tea is often complemented by subtle hints of jasmine blossoms. This flavor can vary based on factors such as the quality of the tea leaves and the method of scenting with jasmine flowers.

High-quality jasmine teas strike a harmonious balance between the green tea base and the fragrant jasmine infusion, resulting in a soothing, invigorating, and rejuvenating experience. Various varieties of jasmine tea offer unique flavor profiles, ranging from light and subtle to bold and intense, catering to a wide array of preferences for tea enthusiasts.

Packaging and Sustainability

Taking into account the impact of packaging and sustainability is essential when choosing jasmine tea brands. Look for brands that prioritize eco-conscious packaging materials such as foil-lined kraft bags or biodegradable options to reduce environmental harm.

Brands involved in initiatives like 1% for the Planet or holding certifications like USDA Organic and Non-GMO demonstrate a commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Consider packaging features like resealable pouches or individually wrapped tea bags for freshness and convenience in storage. Brands that support fair trade practices with tea farming communities and minimize waste by using dye-free, adhesive-free, and chlorine bleach-free materials in their tea bags contribute to a more sustainable tea production process.

Choose jasmine tea brands that align with your values for a more eco-friendly tea time experience.

Aroma and Taste Balance

What makes a perfect balance between the delicate floral aroma of jasmine flowers and the natural taste of green tea in a jasmine tea blend?

Achieving the ideal harmony between these two elements is essential for a delightful tea experience.

The floral scent of jasmine should be inviting and fragrant, complementing rather than overshadowing the subtle flavors of the green tea.

When blended correctly, jasmine tea offers a seamless fusion of floral notes with the earthy and slightly sweet undertones of green tea.

The taste should be smooth, invigorating, and not excessively bitter, allowing the unique characteristics of both jasmine and green tea to shine through.

A premium jasmine tea will deliver a pleasant drinking experience, where the jasmine enhances the overall flavor profile of the tea.

Value for Price

When choosing a jasmine tea, it's important to carefully consider the value for the price, taking into account factors such as quantity, quality, and additional benefits.

The quantity of tea bags or loose leaf tea you receive for the price is essential in determining value. Look for organic or premium quality jasmine tea that justifies the cost, making sure you're getting the best product for your money.

Check for extra perks like eco-friendly packaging or ethical sourcing practices, which can enhance the overall value. Comparing the price per serving allows you to assess the overall affordability of the jasmine tea.

Customer Preferences

Considering various factors like taste, aroma, strength, and floral notes, customers have diverse preferences when selecting their ideal jasmine tea. Some customers prefer blends that combine jasmine with green tea for a well-rounded flavor. Others opt for caffeine-free or decaffeinated options to enjoy jasmine tea at different times of the day.

For some consumers, choosing organic or sustainably sourced jasmine teas is essential due to ethical and health considerations. Additionally, packaging, convenience, and affordability play significant roles in customers' decision-making processes.

Understanding these preferences can help tea brands cater to a wide range of tastes and requirements, ensuring that customers can find the perfect jasmine tea that suits their individual preferences and values.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Jasmine Tea Bags in These Brands Biodegradable or Compostable?

I always check if the jasmine tea bags in these brands are biodegradable or compostable. It's important to me to choose eco-friendly options for my tea time. Sustainability matters when enjoying a cup.

How Should Jasmine Tea Be Stored to Maintain Its Freshness and Flavor?

I safeguard my jasmine tea in an airtight container away from light, heat, and moisture to maintain its freshness and delicate flavor. Storing it correctly guarantees that each cup I brew is aromatic and delightful.

Can Jasmine Tea Be Brewed Using Cold Water or Is It Best Brewed With Hot Water?

I've found that brewing jasmine tea with hot water brings out its floral aroma and flavors best. Cold brewing can be done, but it might result in a milder taste. Experiment to see which method you prefer!

Are There Any Specific Health Benefits Associated With Drinking Jasmine Tea?

Drinking jasmine tea can provide various health benefits including improved digestion, reduced stress, and antioxidant support. Its calming aroma and soothing properties make it a delightful choice for overall well-being and relaxation.

Do Any of These Brands Offer a Decaffeinated Version of Their Jasmine Tea?

Yes, some of these brands do offer a decaffeinated version of their jasmine tea. I appreciate having that option for enjoying jasmine tea at any time of the day without worrying about disrupting my sleep.


I hope this list of the 10 best jasmine tea brands has helped you elevate your tea time experience. Whether you prefer loose leaf or tea bags, organic or traditional blends, there's a jasmine tea out there for everyone.

Remember to take into account factors like quality, flavor, and aroma when selecting your jasmine tea. Cheers to enjoying a soothing cup of jasmine tea!

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