10 Best Ladies Putters to Elevate Your Golf Game

I recommend the Pinemeadow Golf Womens PGX Putter for faster greens and precise alignment. The Ray Cook Golf Ladies Putter offers a unique design and great reviews. The Intech EZ Roll Chippers are well-weighted for accuracy. Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter boasts a soft grip and precise design. Orlimar F75 Mallet Putter gives forgiveness and smooth roll. These choices consider grip comfort, alignment aids, and weight distribution important for performance improvement. Lower loft degrees control fast greens, while higher lofts suit slower greens. Choosing the right putter for your game can enhance your skills and confidence on the course.

Pinemeadow Golf Womens PGX Putter (Right Hand) , White

Pinemeadow Golf Women's PGX Putter (Right Hand) , White
  • The PGX putter features a precise white finish which stands out when the putter is in the address position on the green.

For female golfers seeking a precise and stable putter designed for faster greens, the Pinemeadow Golf Womens PGX Putter in white is an excellent choice. Weighing 380g and tour-weighted for those speedy greens, this putter offers the stability needed for a smooth forward spinning ball at impact.

The precise white finish aids in alignment, ensuring your shots are on target. As a female golfer looking to elevate your game, the PGX putter provides the confidence and control necessary for those vital putts. With reduced skid and a comfortable grip, this putter isn't only performance-driven but also designed with the player in mind.

When it comes to improving your putting game, the Pinemeadow PGX Putter is a reliable companion on the course.

Best For: Female golfers seeking a stable and precise putter designed for faster greens.


  • Tour-weighted design for faster greens.
  • Precise white finish aids in alignment.
  • Reduced skid for a smooth forward spinning ball at impact.


  • Limited color options available.


Ray Cook Golf Ladies Putter

Featuring a limited edition design and positive customer reviews, the Ray Cook Golf Prior Generation Ladies Silver Ray SR600 Limited Edition Teal Putter offers a 33-inch option with a loft of 3 lie: 70, making it a standout choice for female golfers seeking precision and style on the green.

The teal color adds a pop of personality to your golf gear, while the included headcover guarantees protection when not in use. Customers have praised its performance, with some mentioning improved accuracy and distance control.

With its ideal length and eye-catching design, this Ray Cook putter could be the perfect addition to your golf bag. Join the ranks of satisfied golfers who've found success with this limited edition ladies' putter.

Best For: Female golfers looking for a stylish and precise putter with positive customer feedback.


  • Limited edition design adds a unique touch to your golf gear.
  • Positive customer reviews highlight improved accuracy and distance control.
  • Headcover included for added protection and convenience.


  • Limited to 33-inch length option, may not suit all golfers' preferences.


Intech EZ Roll Chippers for Men and Women

Intech EZ Roll Lady's Right Hand Pink Chipper
  • BACK WEIGHTED DESIGN - Provides better performance around the green for better stroke saving capabilities

The Intech EZ Roll Chipper offers a back weighted design and advanced alignment top lines, enhancing stroke-saving capabilities and accuracy for golfers looking to improve their short game.

With a putter length and 7-iron loft combination, this chipper provides a unique solution for various shot challenges on the course.

The gooseneck hosel design guarantees shank-proof performance, adding to the club's reliability and ease of use.

Available in multiple colors and suitable for both men and women, the Intech EZ Roll Chipper has received positive feedback from users, highlighting its impact on short game improvement.

As a golfer seeking to elevate my game, the Intech EZ Roll Chipper stands out for its design features and overall performance, making it a valuable addition to my golf bag.

Best For: Golfers looking to improve their short game with a reliable and user-friendly chipper.


  • Back weighted design for enhanced stroke-saving capabilities
  • Advanced alignment top lines for improved accuracy
  • Shank-proof performance with gooseneck hosel design


  • Limited color options


Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter (Womens)

Optimizing precision and comfort, Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter (Womens) enhances my putting game with its soft grip and square heel/toe design.

The new larger diameter grip size fits my hands perfectly, providing a comfortable feel during each stroke.

The multiple density areas in the Micro injection face insert help me achieve a soft touch on the ball for improved accuracy.

This putter's lightweight steel construction and ideal lie angle contribute to a smooth and controlled putting stroke.

The Wilson Staff Harmonized Golf Putter (Womens) is a reliable choice for female golfers looking to elevate their performance on the green.

Best For: Female golfers seeking a comfortable and accurate putting experience with a lightweight and well-balanced putter.


  • Comfortable grip that fits well for women.
  • Soft touch on the ball for improved accuracy.
  • Lightweight steel construction for smooth putting strokes.


  • Plastic on the face may require swinging harder.


Orlimar F75 High MOI Mallet Putter (Right Handed)

Orlimar F75 Putter for Women - Silver/Red Right Handed 33"
  • EXTREME FORGIVENESS - The Orlimar F75 Silver mallet putter is a high MOI design with additional heel and toe weighting to maintain performance even on off-center shots.

When seeking a forgiving and consistent mallet putter specifically designed for right-handed players, the Orlimar F75 High MOI Mallet Putter stands out as an excellent choice for women looking to enhance their golf game.

This mallet putter features additional heel and toe weighting, enhancing forgiveness on off-center strikes. The soft face insert promotes a smooth roll and provides a heightened sense of touch during putting.

With a heel-shafted design, full offset Plumber's neck hosel, and contrasting alignment aids, the Orlimar F75 is built to help golfers square the club face and improve alignment.

At 35 inches in length and equipped with a counter-balanced Orlimar Big Softy Black Oversized Putter Grip, this putter offers stability and control for a more confident putting stroke.

Best For: Golfers seeking a forgiving and consistent mallet putter that enhances alignment and forgiveness on off-center strikes.


  • Features additional heel and toe weighting for extreme forgiveness.
  • Soft face insert promotes a smooth roll and added feel.
  • Contrasting alignment aids help in framing the ball and squaring the club face.


  • Mixed opinions on weight and quality.


Bionik 105 Nano White Golf Putter (31 Inches)

Engineered with a petite length of 31 inches, the Bionik 105 Nano White Golf Putter is the ideal choice for women looking to enhance their golf game with precision and stability. This putter features a tour-weighted head designed for faster greens and an engineered face for consistent sound and performance.

The aiming channels aid in better alignment, while the Peak Stability Design increases the Moment of Inertia (MOI) for improved stability. The rear weighted putter head enhances MOI even further, providing stability and reducing skid on impact.

With a premium grip for comfort and consistency, this white semi-mallet putter offers a reliable option for female golfers aiming to step up their putting game.

Best For: Female golfers seeking improved precision and stability in their putting game.


  • Tour-weighted head for faster greens.
  • Engineered face for consistent sound and performance.
  • Peak Stability Design for increased Moment of Inertia (MOI).


  • May not be suitable for players who prefer a longer putter.


Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Womens Putter

Odyssey Golf 2020 Stroke Lab Women's Putter (Right Hand, 32", Seven, Ladies Slim Grip)
  • Stroke Lab Black is engineered with one simple goal: to help golfers make more putts.

The Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Womens Putter is an elegant and efficient choice for female golfers seeking improved balance and enhanced putting performance. This putter features a multi-material shaft that saves 40 grams, leading to improved tempo and consistency in your strokes.

The firm feel and enhanced sound provide feedback that helps in developing a more precise putting technique. With an elegant black PVD coating and Microhinge Star Insert, this putter not only performs well but also looks stylish on the green.

Manufactured by Callaway, known for quality golf equipment, the Odyssey Stroke Lab Womens Putter in black, 2 Ball style, and designed for right-handed orientation, offers a winning combination of performance and aesthetics to elevate your putting game.

Best For: Female golfers looking for a stylish and high-performing putter that offers improved balance and consistency in strokes.


  • Multi-material shaft for improved tempo and consistency.
  • Firm feel and enhanced sound for better feedback.
  • Stylish black PVD coating with Microhinge Star Insert for a premium look.


  • May be on the higher end of the price range for some golfers.


PGM Golf Putter for Men & Women (Blade Putters, Right Handed)

PGM Golf Putter - Blade Putters for Men & Women - Easy Flop Shots – Legal for Tournament Play- Right Handed - Graphite Shaft
  • Notched strike surface design. The groove design increases the interaction between the striking surface and the ball, and stabilizes the ball.

Featuring a notched strike surface for enhanced ball interaction, the PGM Golf Putter is an ideal choice for both men and women looking for a reliable blade putter designed for right-handed players.

With a shaft weight of 113g and a head weight of 350g, this putter offers a total weight of 540 grams, providing a balanced feel during your stroke.

The stainless steel head with a milled face guarantees durability and consistent performance on the greens. The 34-inch length and straight tapered design contribute to improved fault tolerance and accuracy.

Overall, the PGM Golf Putter combines quality materials with thoughtful design elements, making it a popular choice among golfers seeking a dependable blade putter for their game.

Best For: Golfers looking for a reliable and balanced blade putter with enhanced ball interaction and a durable stainless steel head.


  • Notched strike surface for increased ball interaction.
  • Balanced weight distribution with a 113g shaft and 350g head.
  • Straight tapered design for improved fault tolerance and accuracy.


  • Mixed feedback on quality and value.


Golf Club NSRII Women Putter with Headcover (Purple)

Looking for a reliable and stylish putter specifically designed for female golf enthusiasts? The Golf Club NSRII Women Putter with Headcover in Purple might be just what you need.

With a stainless steel pole head and rod body, this putter is engineered for consistency in sound, feel, and performance. The aiming channels aid in better alignment, helping you improve your putting game. At 83.82 cm (33 inches) long, this putter is suitable for adults and golf enthusiasts looking to elevate their performance on the green.

The package includes not only the putter but also a matching headcover for protection. With a 5.0 out of 5 stars rating from customers, this putter from SAVRON is a top choice for female golfers looking to enhance their skills.

Best For: Golfers looking for a stylish and reliable putter designed specifically for women.


  • Consistent sound, feel, and performance due to engineered putter face.
  • Aiming channels for enhanced alignment during putting.
  • Includes a matching headcover for protection.


  • Limited color option (only available in purple).


Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter

Odyssey Golf Women's White Hot OG Putter (Right Hand, 33', Seven, Steel 2023 Shaft)
637 Reviews

Ideal for female golfers seeking improved putting performance, the Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter stands out with its lengthened shaft for anchored stroke benefits and an enhanced Ten shape for better alignment.

This sleek black putter, made of graphite, offers a 35-inch size specifically designed for left-handed players. The original White Hot insert not only enhances feel and sound but also contributes to better control on the greens.

With positive feedback from users highlighting its weight, balance, grip comfort, and overall quality, this Odyssey putter has garnered an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars from 630 reviews.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned golfer, the Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter is a reliable choice to help elevate your putting game.

Best For: Female golfers looking to enhance their putting performance with improved control and alignment.


  • Lengthened shaft for anchored stroke benefits
  • Enhanced Ten shape for better alignment
  • Original White Hot insert for improved feel and sound


  • May not be suitable for male golfers or those who prefer shorter putters


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ladies Putter

When choosing a women's putter, it's important to consider the length that best fits your height and stance.

Moreover, the presence of alignment aids can significantly affect your putting accuracy.

Comfort with the grip style is also a vital factor to guarantee a confident stroke on the green.

Putter Length Consideration

Considering the importance of proper alignment and posture in putting, selecting the right length for a ladies putter is a crucial decision for enhancing performance on the golf course. Women golfers generally benefit from shorter putters, typically ranging from 32 to 34 inches.

Opting for a putter that's too long can negatively impact stance and result in inconsistent putting strokes. While longer putters like broomstick putters offer anchoring options, they may not be suitable for all golfers.

Custom fitting for putter length can greatly improve a player's putting performance by tailoring the putter's length to their height and posture. Finding the right balance to ensure comfort, proper alignment, and a smooth putting stroke is key.

Alignment Aid Importance

Proper alignment aids on a ladies putter play a significant role in enhancing a golfer's ability to aim accurately and improve putting consistency. When selecting a ladies putter, it's essential to contemplate the alignment features it offers.

These aids, such as lines or shapes on the putter head, assist in aligning putts correctly towards the target. Effective alignment aids not only help in aiming but also assist in visualizing the intended putting path.

With the right alignment tools, golfers can achieve better accuracy and increase their chances of sinking more putts. Hence, choosing a ladies putter with reliable alignment features is vital for enhancing your putting game and overall performance on the green.

Grip Comfort Preference

Choosing a ladies putter that offers a comfortable grip is essential for enhancing feel and control during putting strokes, ultimately impacting my performance on the green. Factors such as grip size, texture, and material play an important role in the overall comfort level, particularly for female golfers with smaller hands. The right grip can boost my confidence, resulting in more consistent and accurate putting.

Different grip types like traditional, oversized, or ergonomic can provide the necessary stability and feel for women golfers. It's important for me to experiment with various grip styles to determine which one offers the best comfort and support for my putting stroke. A comfortable grip isn't just a preference but a key factor in improving my putting game.

Weight Distribution Impact

As I explore ladies putters for my golf game, one critical aspect to evaluate is the impact of weight distribution on the overall performance of my putting strokes. Proper weight distribution in a ladies putter can enhance stability during the stroke, affecting the feel and control for female golfers.

The placement of weight in the putter head greatly influences forgiveness and consistency, leading to improved accuracy and distance control. Key weight distribution is key to achieving a smooth and effective putting motion.

When selecting a ladies putter, considering how the weight is distributed throughout the club can make a substantial difference in the quality of your putting strokes. Balancing weight in the putter head is crucial for improving performance on the greens.

Loft Degree Selection

When selecting a women's putter, one essential factor to take into account is the loft degree, which directly impacts the launch angle and roll of the ball on the green.

Lower loft degrees, typically ranging from 1-2 degrees, are ideal for faster greens as they help reduce skidding and maintain better control. On the other hand, higher loft degrees, around 3-4 degrees, are more suitable for slower greens as they assist in lifting the ball and preventing bouncing.

It's important to think about the green speed and your personal putting stroke when choosing the loft degree. Custom fitting or experimenting with different loft degrees can be beneficial in finding the best loft for your individual putting preferences and performance.

Material Quality Check

When selecting a ladies putter for golf game performance, prioritize high-quality materials such as stainless steel or alloy steel for durability and enhanced performance on the greens. Opt for putters with a soft face insert to ensure a consistent feel and sound upon impact, aiding in better control over putting strokes. Consider the grip material, such as rubber, for comfort and control during the putting motion.

Evaluate the loft angle, usually around 3 degrees, to align with your putting style and preferences. Examine the weight distribution and balance of the putter to ensure stability and alignment assistance.

Right Hand Orientation

Prioritize selecting a ladies putter that's specifically designed for right-handed golfers to optimize comfort and performance on the greens. When choosing a putter, the right hand orientation guarantees that the grip and alignment aids are tailored to enhance the gameplay of right-handed players. This design factor is crucial as it can greatly impact your control and consistency while putting.

Right hand orientation putters are more common in the market, making it easier for right-handed golfers to find suitable options. By aligning the putter with your dominant hand, you can achieve a more natural and fluid putting stroke. Hence, investing in a putter that matches your right-hand orientation can lead to improved putting performance and overall enjoyment on the course.

Color and Style

Aligning your putter with your dominant hand is key for peak performance; now, let's explore how color and style play a role in choosing a ladies putter.

When selecting a putter, consider the range of color options available, from classic black and silver to vibrant shades like pink, purple, and teal. Additionally, various stylish designs such as mallet heads, blade putters, or two-ball alignment systems can add visual appeal to your equipment.

The color and style of your putter can impact your alignment, boost confidence during setup, and cater to personal preferences on the course. Opting for a putter with a unique color scheme or pattern can also aid in quickly identifying your club in your bag or on the green.

Personalizing your putter's color and style can be a fun way to showcase your personality and taste while out on the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Specific Maintenance Tips for Keeping a Ladies Putter in Top Condition?

To keep a ladies putter in top condition, regularly clean the clubhead and grip with a damp cloth, store it in a headcover to prevent damage, avoid hitting rocks or hard surfaces, and periodically check for loose screws or signs of wear.

How Do I Know if a Ladies Putter Is the Right Length for My Height and Stance?

To determine if a ladies putter is the right length for me, I stand naturally with the putter by my side. If the top aligns with my wrist joint, it's likely a good fit for my height and stance.

Can Left-Handed Players Use the Putters Mentioned in the Article, or Are They Specifically Designed for Right-Handed Players?

Yes, left-handed players can use the putters mentioned in the article. They are not specifically designed for right-handed players. As a lefty, I appreciate having options that cater to my needs on the golf course.

Are There Any Specific Grip Options Available for Ladies Putters to Improve Comfort and Performance?

I prefer grips that offer comfort and control for my ladies putter. They come in various sizes and materials to suit different preferences. A good grip can enhance my performance by providing stability and a confident feel during each stroke.

Do Any of the Putters Mentioned in the Article Come With a Warranty or Guarantee for Quality and Performance?

Yes, some of the putters mentioned in the article come with a warranty or guarantee for quality and performance. It's reassuring to know that these clubs are backed by such assurances for peace of mind.


Ultimately, selecting the right putter can have a substantial impact on your golf game.

Whether you lean towards a blade or mallet design, there are numerous choices accessible for women to enhance your putting precision and reliability on the greens.

Take into account aspects such as weight, alignment aids, and feel to discover the optimal putter that fits your personal preferences and playing style.

Happy putting!

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