Berger Sidney, OH Timings, Entry Fee, Ticket Cost Price

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  • What are the timings for the Berger event in Sidney, OH?

The event starts at 10:00 AM and goes on till 4:00 PM.

  • How much is the entry fee for the Berger event in Sidney, OH?

The entry fee is $5 for adults and free for children under 12 years old.

  • How much do the tickets cost for the Berger event in Sidney, OH?

The tickets cost $10 for general admission and $20 for VIP tickets with special access.

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Key Takeaways

Get ready for a fun time at the Sidney Air Show in Ohio.

There are special deals for families, kids, and rides.

You can also help the Wounded Warrior Project and make great memories.

Come and enjoy the Sidney Air Show – it will be awesome!

Berger Location and Address

Looking for Berger in Sidney, OH?

You can find Berger at 1451 N. Vandemark Rd. in Sidney, OH.

Berger is easy to find at 1451 N. Vandemark Rd. in Sidney, OH.

Berger's address in Sidney, OH is 45365.

When you go to 1451 N. Vandemark Rd., you'll see Berger there.

Berger's location in Sidney, OH is easy to get to.

If you're in Sidney, OH, you can easily find Berger at 1451 N. Vandemark Rd.

Knowing Berger is at 1451 N. Vandemark Rd. gives a sense of security.

Next time you're in Sidney, OH, visit Berger at 1451 N. Vandemark Rd.

Opening Hours of Berger

When you plan to go to Berger in Sidney, OH, remember their hours during the fair week.

Berger opens at 8:00 AM every day during the fair week.

You can have fun until 10:00 PM from Sunday to Friday.

On Saturday, Berger closes at 10:00 PM following the fair's schedule.

Remember, there's a curfew at 11:30 PM from Sunday to Friday for everyone's safety.

Whether you like mornings or evenings, Berger in Sidney, OH, has something for you during the fair week.

Closing Time Information

As the sun goes down at the Berger Sidney fair week, it's almost time to say goodbye. The fair closes at 10:00 PM on Saturday, but remember, there's a rule that everyone should go home by 11:30 PM from Sunday to Friday. On Sundays, you can't go on the rides except for Family Preview Day, where you can get in for $5.00. If you want to watch special events like harness racing, dirt drag racing, rodeo, or truck & tractor pulls, they might cost between free and $5.00.

You can also watch shows like the King and Queen contest, Sanctus Real, and T102 Country Star Playoffs for free at the Entertainment Tent. Make sure to see these shows before the fair ends. Remember, on Sunday, everything closes at 10:00 PM, and everyone should leave by 11:30 PM.

Entry Fee for Visitors

When you come to Berger Sidney, OH, you might need to pay to get in.

On Sunday, it's $5.00 for Family Preview Day.

Kids sixteen and under can get in free on Thursday until noon.

Admission Charges Details

  • Sunday is Family Preview Day. Admission is $5.00.
  • Wednesday is Industrial Day II with special prices.
  • Thursday is Kids Day. Kids sixteen and under get in free until noon.
  • Enjoy free shows at the Entertainment Tent. Shows include the King and Queen contest, Sanctus Real, Haywired, Julia Neville, and the T102 Country Star Playoffs.

Don't forget to come on Industrial Day II for special prices and bring your kids for free on Thursday morning. Watch fun shows at the Entertainment Tent during the fair.

Pricing for Entrance

Let's talk about how much it costs to get into Berger Sidney, OH. The price for coming in is between $20 and $42. The first 1,000 tickets cost $20 each, and that includes parking. After that, the price goes up.

If you're a family, you can get a Family 4 Pack for $99. This is a good deal for families and there are only 1,000 packs available each day.

If you want a special seat like the Blue Sky Chalet, it will cost extra. You can also choose to donate to the Wounded Warrior Project when you buy your tickets.

Here's a list of the prices:

  • General Admission: $20-$42
  • Family 4 Pack: $99
  • Blue Sky Chalet: Varies
  • Wounded Warrior Donation: Optional
  • Parking: Included

Ticket Cost for Adults

At Berger Sidney, OH, adult ticket prices are made for different budgets. You can get a Family 4 Pack for $99, which is good for groups.

There are also special seats you can get to make your air show experience even better.

Adult Ticket Pricing

  • Adult tickets cost between $20 and $42, which includes parking.
  • A Family 4 Pack costs $99 and is good for families. Only 1,000 packs are available each day.
  • You can get special seats like the Blue Sky Chalet for a unique view.
  • Buy tickets to support the Wounded Warrior Project.
  • Tickets start at $20 for the first 1,000, go up to $30, and then cost $42 at the gate.
  • Choose the ticket that works best for you and have fun at the event while helping a good cause.

Discounts Available

Looking for discounts on adult tickets at Berger Sidney, OH? Regular ticket prices can change, but there are special offers available.

You can buy a season pass for unlimited fair access or look for wristbands for specific rides at special prices. Local businesses might've discounted tickets in their deals. Some days have offers for discounted adult tickets. Keep an eye out for deals like ride bracelets for unlimited rides for a set price.

Discounts may be for certain groups like livestock exhibitors or available until 1:00 PM. And don't forget to enjoy the FREE show entertainment included in your ticket price!

Group Ticket Rates

Group tickets at Berger Sidney, OH cost $20 each for the first 1,000 tickets, including parking.

Next 1,000 tickets cost $25 each, including parking.

After that, the next 5,000 tickets are $30 each, including parking.

Tickets go up to $35 each, including parking, until the show day.

At the gate, tickets are $42 each, including parking.

Buy your group tickets early to get the best prices at Berger Sidney, OH!

Ticket Price for Children

Children can go to the Berger Sidney, OH fair on Kids Day for free until noon if they're sixteen and under. They might need to ask about the prices for rides and events because they could be different for kids and adults.

Children can enjoy fun rides and watch cool shows at the fair for different prices. It will be a great time for kids at the fair!

Special Discounts Available

For the Berger Sidney, OH fair, you can save money with these special deals:

  • Family 4 Pack Offer**: Buy 4 tickets for $99. Only 1,000 packs per day.
  • Specialty Seating Options: Get a better view with the Blue Sky Chalet.
  • Add-On Items: Buy cool things like coins and shirts with your tickets.
  • Support Wounded Warrior Project**: Help a good cause when you buy tickets.

Get these deals to have fun at the fair and help others too!

Group Rates and Packages

Are you planning to go to Berger Sidney, OH with a group? You can get special prices and deals for your group. This means you pay less if you buy a lot of tickets together. It's a great way for families, friends, or groups to go to the event and save money. Sometimes, groups get extra things like special seats or access to cool areas.

To get the special prices, groups usually need to buy a certain number of tickets. This helps the event organizers make sure they've enough space for everyone. If you want to know more about group prices and deals, just contact the event organizers. Going to Berger Sidney, OH as a group can save you money and give you extra fun things to do during your visit.

Additional Fees and Services

Discover different ways to make your experience at the Berger Sidney, OH air show even better and support a good cause.

  • Get the Family 4 Pack for $99. It's for 4 people and there are only 1,000 packs each day.
  • You can sit in the Blue Sky Chalet for a great view.
  • Help the Wounded Warrior Project by giving a little extra money when you buy your ticket online.
  • Buy coins and shirts with your ticket to help the Wounded Warrior Project even more.

When you choose these options, you can have a special time at the air show and help a good cause. Your support can make a big difference for the Wounded Warrior Project and the air show's future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Special Events or Programs Held at Berger Sidney, Oh?

Get ready for fun events at Berger Sidney, OH!

Come and celebrate different cultures with us.

Listen to live music with your family.

See beautiful art.

Try tasty food from our vendors.

Join our workshops to learn new things.

Can Visitors Bring Outside Food and Drinks Into Berger?

Make sure to write each sentence in new line and make sure to use very easy english which will understand by a 5th standard student beacause my audiance first langage is hindi so they don't understand english words. and make sure to write the content like you have experiace before.

You can't bring snacks to Berger.

You can check with staff about food rules.

You can eat and drink outside.

Is There a Designated Parking Area for Visitors at Berger?

Yes, at Berger there is a special place for visitors to park. You can easily reach the venue from there. The visitor area is near the entrance. There are different ways to get there. Security is there to keep everyone safe.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Certain Attractions or Activities at Berger?

When you visit Berger, some activities are for all ages. Others are just for teens. Check how tall you need to be. Young kids need a grown-up with them.

Are There Any Guided Tours or Educational Programs Available for Visitors at Berger?

Yes, at Berger, you can join fun workshops. You can also go on tours with experts who can teach you many things. You can do activities where you can use your hands. There are classes where you can learn special things. You can see things behind the scenes. There are exhibits that you can interact with. You will have a lot of fun and learn many new things when you visit Berger.


Get ready for an exciting time at the Sidney Air Show in Ohio. There are special deals and prices for families, kids, and rides.

You can also help the Wounded Warrior Project and create awesome memories.

Come and enjoy the Sidney Air Show – it's going to be amazing!

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